🀝5.2 Revenue Sharing Model

Join us in our journey towards financial prosperity through our revenue sharing model. A portion of the revenue generated from our unique features, including 'Type to Swap/Snipe/Bridge' and 'Alpha Tracking', is allocated back to our loyal token stakers. Your investment in our platform translates directly into shared success and revenue. Here’s how we generate revenue:

  1. Bridge Fees: Every time users utilize our 'Type to Bridge' feature to move assets across different blockchains, a small fee contributes to our overall revenue.

  2. Swap/Snipe Fees: Transactions made through our 'Type to Swap/Snipe' commands incur nominal fees, adding another layer to our revenue model.

  3. Trading Volume of $ALICE: Fees derived from the trading activities of our native token, $ALICE, further bolster our financial foundation.

  4. Advertisements: Revenue from strategically placed, non-intrusive ads within our platform also contributes to our ecosystem.

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